1.  Scholarship Program

Scholarships in the college are classified into:

  •  Institutional scholarship
  •  Government Scholarship (local, provincial and national)
  •  Privately-Sponsored Scholarship.

2. Institutional Scholarship

  • This scholarship is given to a high school graduate who has an excellent academic performance such as valedictorian, salutatorian and with honors student that comes from private and public high schools. Provided, that the said valedictorians, salutatorians and with honors student are duly certified by the head of the institution. The valedictorian can avail 100% free tuition fees; salutatorian – 75% free tuition fees; with honors 50% free tuition fees. The student shall enjoy free tuition fee for one semester or succeeding semesters if he/she maintains the grades of 85% or 2.0 in general and major subjects of the course or program taken.

3. Government Scholarship

  • City Scholarship and Provincial Scholarship grants are existing in the college with their own set of criteria for compliance to students who wish to avail of.
  • Private-sponsored scholarships are existing in the college with their own set of criteria for compliance of the student for sponsorship
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